Living Your Yoga

Greed, Service, Connection, Truth, Success, Nonviolence, Love, Worship

Greed in the yoga world has sadly not been uncommon in my city. Greed fueling competition or making people feel inadequate as yoga teachers by feeling the greed of others. I’ve experienced other teachers turn up their nose to me like we are on opposing teams instead of yoga studios supporting each other and finding the beauty of different styles. I have caught myself getting swept up in this at time by boasting that I have more training and thinking how I could do that better. In greed we also get caught up in thinking that we never have enough and caught in the downward spiral of that way of thinking. We need to believe that there is always enough, that the universe is plentiful, there is enough for everyone. Gratitude seems to be a good remedy, as we become grateful for what we have we become a magnet for more. Greed puts us in the mindset of lack. Judith, in Living Your Yoga, writes that we will never satisfy the cravings that they “are expressions of your feelings of fear and emptiness.”

“In our fear, we have forgotten that we are already whole.” And that “through contentment excelled joy is gained” and “contentment asks for only one thing; that you truly live in the experience of the moment. With contentment comes a lessening of fear.” 

I’ve been told by many wise people that the best way to remove yourself from from the stagnation of life or from being stuck is to help someone less fortunate or someone in need. Service not for the reward of money but for putting your energy into the universe in gratitude for all the plentiful energy that has come or is coming; a form of devotion to all that is good. We become unattached to the result when giving for the greater good, “action without attachment obtains the Supreme.” Service is to be a practice for coming back to the source of energy, but to give so much as to deplete ourselves breaks ahimsa and takes away our own peace. 

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Why should we want to express gratitude and to connect, if not for our own peace but also to feel purpose, to connect and to recognize our wholeness. This disconnection is happening more and more and so many people are seeking a spiritual connection to express in their own way, to discover the freedom of the spirit when it is free of seeking.

“When we can live with a deep faith in our connection to all that is, we fear less, want less, and need less.”

These concepts allow us to also connect with others better and improve our relationships, as we allow ourselves to honor our dharma we can respect that everyone else has their purpose as well and that we should not judge.

“Connection is that process of knowing our importance to the Whole, as well as comprehending that others share this importance with us.”

In my experience truthfulness and cleanliness are two intertwined standards to follow into integrity. Lies separate us from others and pull us out of the connectedness. Integrity is internal honesty, telling the truth when no one would know and actively becoming one with the truth of the universe. In this we keep ourselves clean from the entanglements of lies and clutter life of uncertainty.

If we actively seek clarity through self inquiry and connecting honestly it becomes easier to tell the truth about what we see, what we feel and what we need. 

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