Meditation for Human Beings

Meditation is my space that I retreat from the busy day to settle into myself. I close my eyes and watch the chaos of thoughts from the day settle into flow of my inhale and exhale.

Sometimes I go on journeys and sometimes I have insights into my desires, behaviors, patterns or relationships and if I have been invested in my practice I am fortunate to practice letting go of it all and surrendering to the universe and energy that surrounds my body and connects me to every energy around me.

MeditationThis is how I practice letting go of expectations and attachment and control, sitting on my cushion or sometimes a parking spot inside my car; I close my eyes and I forgive the past and release expectations of the future. This is how I remind myself that it is the energy in motion, the emotions that are key. Not the planning or the controlling thoughts, it is the connecting with the feelings that I want to create that allows me to remember that I am a spiritual and energetic being having a human experience.

That I am a human being, not just a human.

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