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Greed in the yoga world has sadly not been uncommon in my city. Greed fueling competition or making people feel inadequate as yoga teachers by feeling the greed of others. I’ve experienced other teachers turn up their nose to me like we are on opposing teams instead of yoga studios supporting each other and finding the beauty of different styles. I have caught myself getting swept up in this at time by boasting that I have more training and thinking how I could do that better. In greed we also get caught up in thinking that we never have enough and caught in the downward spiral of that way of thinking. We need to believe that there is always enough, that the universe is plentiful, there is enough for everyone. Gratitude seems to be a good remedy, as we become grateful for what we have we become a magnet for more. Greed puts us in the mindset of lack. Judith, in Living Your Yoga, writes that we will never satisfy the cravings that they “are expressions of your feelings of fear and emptiness.”

“In our fear, we have forgotten that we are already whole.” And that “through contentment excelled joy is gained” and “contentment asks for only one thing; that you truly live in the experience of the moment. With contentment comes a lessening of fear.” 

I’ve been told by many wise people that the best way to remove yourself from from the stagnation of life or from being stuck is to help someone less fortunate or someone in need. Service not for the reward of money but for putting your energy into the universe in gratitude for all the plentiful energy that has come or is coming; a form of devotion to all that is good. We become unattached to the result when giving for the greater good, “action without attachment obtains the Supreme.” Service is to be a practice for coming back to the source of energy, but to give so much as to deplete ourselves breaks ahimsa and takes away our own peace. 

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Why should we want to express gratitude and to connect, if not for our own peace but also to feel purpose, to connect and to recognize our wholeness. This disconnection is happening more and more and so many people are seeking a spiritual connection to express in their own way, to discover the freedom of the spirit when it is free of seeking.

“When we can live with a deep faith in our connection to all that is, we fear less, want less, and need less.”

These concepts allow us to also connect with others better and improve our relationships, as we allow ourselves to honor our dharma we can respect that everyone else has their purpose as well and that we should not judge.

“Connection is that process of knowing our importance to the Whole, as well as comprehending that others share this importance with us.”

In my experience truthfulness and cleanliness are two intertwined standards to follow into integrity. Lies separate us from others and pull us out of the connectedness. Integrity is internal honesty, telling the truth when no one would know and actively becoming one with the truth of the universe. In this we keep ourselves clean from the entanglements of lies and clutter life of uncertainty.

If we actively seek clarity through self inquiry and connecting honestly it becomes easier to tell the truth about what we see, what we feel and what we need. 

Meditation for Human Beings

Meditation is my space that I retreat from the busy day to settle into myself. I close my eyes and watch the chaos of thoughts from the day settle into flow of my inhale and exhale.

Sometimes I go on journeys and sometimes I have insights into my desires, behaviors, patterns or relationships and if I have been invested in my practice I am fortunate to practice letting go of it all and surrendering to the universe and energy that surrounds my body and connects me to every energy around me.

MeditationThis is how I practice letting go of expectations and attachment and control, sitting on my cushion or sometimes a parking spot inside my car; I close my eyes and I forgive the past and release expectations of the future. This is how I remind myself that it is the energy in motion, the emotions that are key. Not the planning or the controlling thoughts, it is the connecting with the feelings that I want to create that allows me to remember that I am a spiritual and energetic being having a human experience.

That I am a human being, not just a human.

Art of Allowing

How many times has someone asked to help you and you instinctively said “No” ?
And then find yourself struggling, later saying to yourself “I need a break” or “I need an assistant”?

I found myself today laying on a massage table and released how much my “allowing” has expanded the past 6 months as I have been in Warrior Goddess Training. Not just as a women, but as a woman, I realize now the subconscious brain washing that our culture puts on us to accept life as a struggle – that we are weak if we ask for help; that massages and yoga are luxury or for people who are spoiled. That this then carries over to: I am strong, I don’t need other people’s help, “I can do this all by myself.”

the art of allowing

I now see this as a childish and selfish response as I reflect on times that I have offered help – how simple it is to carry someone’s bags to the car vs how difficult a mom can make it on herself to carry bags and a child vs how the person walking beside them feels left out and not included by walking her to the car and unable to help. People want to feel useful and needed.  And it doesn’t make you any less of a super mom (or dad) by allowing someone else to help you carry bags. By allowing them to carry the bags you have included them in your process and world, you invite them into your process of being a parent.

And it doesn’t make you any less of a super mom (or dad) by allowing someone else to help you carry bags.

Going back to the massage table.  – I am laying there, and instead of fighting the feeling of allowing myself to enjoy the massage, I allowed myself to feel supported and cared for. I felt this bonding of gratitude as this beautiful soul performed a loving act and something she truly enjoys doing. Money for the massage simply becomes an energy exchange. But what if you weren’t paying money? What if you had to offer that person something in return for the gratitude of the service? Would you view the service differently?

What if it was on a sliding scale payment? Would you pay the minimum each time?

How does this apply off the massage table?

Invite people into your life, into the simple processes. Things like sharing a meal or walk. Turn help and support into sharing moments. Stop keeping all of your awesomeness to yourself.

Our culture is more “connected” than ever but also more alone than ever too.
We need more human interaction.
It takes a village.

Kimberly provides so much more than just massage. Her room is like entering a mini temple of self care.
Not only is she facilitating in the body healing itself but also my spirit as I practice the Art of Allowing.
So often we get caught up (especially us moms) in trying to take on the world ourselves and we forget that help is there. We forget how to allow people to love us and allow support.
Winter is a time for reflection of your year.
How much allowing and support are you welcoming into your practice of living.
Are you practicing opening or closing?

Business: Massage…Healing for Everyone (ages 9 – 99). Louisville, Ky

I suggest massage as an opportunity because we often find it hard to justify spending money on ourselves and our self care yet we can justify spending $100 at Target or Walmart on things that we think we need.

Imagine your world spending more money on self care and self growth, making memories and having less material goods. How would your world change? How much happier would you be?

Try switching your retail therapy for Yoga, Massage, a cruise with your 2 best friends (or 2 people you want to be your best friends).

How many true friends do you have? If not many, How often do you allow people in?

Start practicing The Art of Allowing.


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Polish Your Mind.

Has your mind become foggy?

There is a Buddhist quote “Polish your mirror daily, morning and night.”

Doubt kills more dreams thaN failure ever will. (2)

Of course, the quote is not referring to your actual mirror in your home, rather it is referring to your mind as a mirror.

Back in the day one needed to actually polish their mirror in their home for a clear reflection and this metaphor goes deep comparing the mind to a mirror.

The lesson is that your life is a reflection of your inner self. Each person views their life based from their experiences and mindset. We could easily take the one story and write it from a positive perspective or from a negative perspective and it might even appear like two completely different stories.

If you change your mindset, you will transform your life.

Doubt kills more dreams thaN failure ever will. (1)

This reflective view also teaches that your environment is a reflection of your life condition. So it isn’t only how you view different scenarios but it is also how people respond to you.
Anyone with experience knows that you cannot change people.
You can only change what you can control,
and that is yourself.

You can polish your mirror daily with meditation, journalist or self-reflection. You reflection clearer with each consistent polish.

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